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Can I form an independent cohort or request live on-site or virtual training?

Yes, we offer custom Sermon Mapping experiences.  Contact us to schedule your experience.  


What is your doctrinal stance?

Our founder aligns with the doctrinal views of common evangelical, Baptist, Bible, or EV Free churches.  Though we desire to work with all Protestant believers who maintain a general orthodoxy aligned with the Reformation.  Our founder graduated with a MABS from Moody Bible Institute in 2009.  

What is your philosophy of preaching?

We firmly believe that preaching should align with a historical, literal, grammatical interpretation of the text and therefore utilize a literal hermeneutic based on the author's intended meaning, original genre, and divine nature of the Bible. 

We also believe that good preaching takes on many forms, but generally includes a balance of explanation, illustration, application, and varied expression that is tethered to the text.  

Is this a system of preaching?  

No, this is an objective system of Mapping many forms of preaching.  Sermon Mapping is first "descriptive" of what preachers are actually doing in their sermons.  Only after sermons are mapped can we learn patterns of effective communication. 

Does Sermon Mapping teach the "right way" to preach?

When used properly, Sermon Mapping avoids conformity to any one style of preaching.  We do not aim to constrict or confine preachers to any one style, philosophy, or ideology of preaching.  This tool focuses on all possible skills at the preachers's disposal and seeks to highlight many forms of effective communication.  


Why do you charge for Sermon Mapping?

The work allotted to produce courses, tools, and resources is enormous.  This website is 10 years in the making.  There are many fees associated with producing courses, running a website, and generating content.  We do not aim to greatly profit from training preachers, but the work would not be possible without revenue.  

Copyright and Permissions disclaimer:

  • Sermon Mapping utilizes media and materials in videos, courses, and livestreams that are commonly available online.  We do not charge for these external resources, and we strive to cite all known sources.  All revenue generated through Sermon Mapping is billed for the sole purpose of teaching communicators how to map sermons using the Sermon Mapping tools and methods, which are proprietary.  This aim is inherently different from the original purpose and intent of all other media and resource included in this new initiative.  Should any copyright or usage conflict arise, please contact us directly so we can address concerns.  

  • The Sermon Mapping name, print and digital Sermon Maps, and methods of Sermon Mapping taught in our courses are proprietary, created by Ryan Hall, and should not be copied, distributed, sold, or involved in consulting or billed endeavors without written permission from Ryan Hall.  Please complete and maintain proper certification from this site to conduct Sermon Mapping using this system in part or as a whole.  


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