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     The story of Sermon Mapping in 60 seconds                                       

“This tool is gold!  There is nothing else like it."
"The world needs better preaching.  This is a helpful process to grow your preaching gift."
“I learned more about my preaching than ever before.  I have so many new tools.”

What's Your Primary Goal?

Beginner Courses

If you are new to Sermon Mapping, we highly recommend you go through the Beginner Courses in order.  

Image by Markus Winkler

In just 5 minutes, learn the value of Sermon Mapping.


Learn how great communicators explain the text. (30 minute course)

Teamwork in the office

In just 10 minutes, compare the Sermon Maps of several well-known preachers. 


Learn how great communicators illustrate the text.  (30 minute course)

Club Members Only


Watch a live map of Mark Dever's sermon on Hebrews 2:9-18 (15 min)


Learn how great communicators apply the text.  (30 minute course)

Club Members Only

4 Benefits of Sermon Mapping

Mapping the Masters

Learn from the Sermon Maps of the best preachers.

(Completing the Beginner Courses will help you get the maximum benefit from these courses) 

(One Hour Course)

Mapping Tony Evans

(One Hour Course)

Club Members Only

Mapping Chuck Swindoll

(One Hour Course)

Club Members Only

Mapping J.D. Greear

(One Hour Course)

Club Members Only

Mapping John MacArthur

(One Hour Course)

Club Members Only

Mapping Crawford Loritts

(One Hour Course)

Club Members Only

You will benefit more from these courses if you complete the 3 free courses above-25 minutes total.

(How to Read Sermon Maps, How to Compare Sermon Maps, and Rules of Sermon Mapping)



Join a Sermon Mapping Cohort 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Connect for fresh content!

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