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Join the Preaching Club!

Get the tools & training you need to make every minute count.  



1.  Download a printable copy of the Sermon Map.  


2.  Get instant access to all courses and resources.  

(Some courses are still being finalized and uploaded to the new website)

3.  Every month, you will receive a new preaching toolbox full of downloads that immediately enhance your sermons.   


4.  Complete courses to unlock more preaching cheat sheets, skill-builders, language tools, and illustrations. 

5.  Access training and certification courses so you can become a licensed Sermon Mapper.  

(Certification program will launch this spring)


Join the growing community of preachers who are committed to learning new skills and studying best practice.  

Just $9.99 per month.

(If you are not satisfied with your experience, you can cancel anytime.) 







  • Preaching Club Membership

    Every month
    IMPORTANT: site is under development, so new subscription content is being uploaded each week.
    • -Access all courses as they are uploaded
    • -Unlock preaching toolboxes (new toolbox every month)
    • -Unlock hidden preaching tools by completing courses
    • -Access holiday preaching tools and leadership resources

    Just send us a link and we'll do the rest!
    • -Get your sermon professionally mapped
    • -Live commentary will be recorded
    • -Receive feedback targeting your unique style and gifts
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